Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spotify Playlist #1

Hey Everyone

Do you guys remember the "Hump Day" mixes I used to do?  I was going to start doing them again to share the current music I've been listening to, but most of the music I've found aren't available to download or even purchase, so I feel like the best way to share for now is listing what I've been listening to on Spotify and y'all can look them up for yourselves and make a custom playlist out of the songs I've found (unless you're already following me on Spotify...then you already see my playlists!).  I love love love Spotify because I they have almost everything I want to listen to without me having to download entire albums...and the free account that I'm using has really small amounts of advertisements that are WAY less frequent than when I used to use Pandora.  The cool thing is that you're just not limited to the songs that I want to show you and the artists links are already there for you to check out and explore.

Here's Playlist #1

1.  Goose Blues by Belleruche
2.  Something Important by Jukes
3.  Over by Broke
4.  Guild by AL_PD
5.  Peaceful Warrior by Mr. Beef
6.  Hei Poa by Pedestrian
7.  Layou Demo by Troumaca

Hope you enjoy!


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