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Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man

Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man by Bright Eyes

Saturday, February 28, 2015


But we could still support each other
All's we gotta do is avoid each other
Nothing wrong a song that ends in a minor key

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Spotify Playlist #1

Hey Everyone

Do you guys remember the "Hump Day" mixes I used to do?  I was going to start doing them again to share the current music I've been listening to, but most of the music I've found aren't available to download or even purchase, so I feel like the best way to share for now is listing what I've been listening to on Spotify and y'all can look them up for yourselves and make a custom playlist out of the songs I've found (unless you're already following me on Spotify...then you already see my playlists!).  I love love love Spotify because I they have almost everything I want to listen to without me having to download entire albums...and the free account that I'm using has really small amounts of advertisements that are WAY less frequent than when I used to use Pandora.  The cool thing is that you're just not limited to the songs that I want to show you and the artists links are already there for you to check out and explore.

Here's Playlist #1

1.  Goose Blues by Belleruche
2.  Something Important by Jukes
3.  Over by Broke
4.  Guild by AL_PD
5.  Peaceful Warrior by Mr. Beef
6.  Hei Poa by Pedestrian
7.  Layou Demo by Troumaca

Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lorraine the Lavender

Hey everyone

I've been trying my hand at gardening lately.  I haven't touched the exterior/lawn of my house ever since I moved in almost 5 years ago because I've always felt like this house wasn't permanent--like I'd move somewhere right after moving in, but I think my brain has settled and I'm finally getting comfortable at this location.  Anywho, out of all the than little succulents and seasonal flowers I've planted, I think that this lavender plant is my favorite.  It has a nice hint of smell when I'm sitting and reading in the front yard and it doesn't look invasive.  This is a hobby that I think I'm going to continue for a while.  Updates soon!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sprained Ankle

Hey Dudes

I started taking Jiu-Jitsu fight training classes (not actually leaning how to fight, just the exercises to prepare for fighting) a month ago and attend for an hour once a week (to add on to my 3-5 times a week of gyming).  The first time I went, the work out was so intense I threw up my breakfast 15 minutes into it! The second time I went, I decided to not eat anything before and just have a gatorade and it worked splendidly--I felt stronger and since i was almost accustomed to what my trainer's methods, I could anticipate how much energy to use up within the hour.

Unfortunately during my training yesterday, I got a little cocky and decided to go HAM on the very last exercise of the session which ended in me landing on my ankle with a loud POP and me falling to the ground.  The sprain isn't bad at all! Probably a level one with mild swelling and bruising

My parents never allowed me to do sports as a child because I was so accident prone, but I'm working on getting better with my coordination in hopes that I'll stop hurting myself while doing minor things!
Currently using crutches and I'm going to try to drive to work tomorrow. Wish me luck! :P


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hey dudes

So for the past two years I've been growing out my hair.  Earlier this year I took a leap and tried going platinum blonde, but I quickly realized that the color was NOT for me but I decided to splash around the blonde pool for a bit since my hair was already damaged.  In the end, I kept the blonde/light brown for about two months until I accidentally dyed my hair BLACK a few days ago. (Long story short, I chose a dark brown color, but since my hair was already so porous from all the bleaching processes, the follicles ate up all the dark pigment instead of just mixing with the color I already had...).
This was the longest my hair was before it started breaking off from all the treatments:

So it was a little past my boob. Tonight I cut it on a whim after I was fed up with my fingers getting caught in all the dryness that was going on and decided to just snip wherever felt raggity.  In the end I cut five inches and now the length is a little past my collar bone which was how long it was last year.  Boohoo--hopefully I learned my lesson and remember to not put my locks through hell again!


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy 2014!
I've never been the resolution-y type, but I've always been a nostalgic type, so lets get this thing started.
2013 was a complacent year, almost like 2012, but even more so.  I've lost a few friends, didn't gain many new ones, but became closer to the handful of people I know.  Quit my job at Popkiller from a manager position because I wasn't growing and then watched TV shows for a straight 4 months after that.  I never remember the months Jan-April of every year, but I can't seem to remember much of this last year...EXCEPT all the amazing shows I've been to and that's something I'm truly thankful for.  I had the time and flexibility to attend and appreciate going to concerts again. 

In 2014, I plan on going back to school for mortuary science to become a funeral director focusing on restoration and embalming of the deceased.  After quitting school almost 3 years ago, I thought that I could be a self starter and education myself on all the subjects that I was interested in, but now that I've found my road, I realize that I do need the support and knowledge of others to gain more insight in the field...and life in general.  

In 2013, I've come to conclusion that it's perfectly fine to be alone.  I don't feel lonely, and coming to terms with my need to be alone most of the time has allowed me to move forward in my interests instead of being occupied of finding ways to go out and hang out with people who I don't really learn that much from.  This year, I've become quite a savvy thrifter and antique hoarder.  I've learned to do more research and be more patient with the items I've found.

Here's my 2014 resolutions:
-  Be more patient.
-  Focus on school.
-  Do more studying outside of school/ do more research
-  Control my temper
-  Be more organized
-  Stop being a brat
-  Have more confidence in myself 
-  Help out with more weddings/large events
-  Make and RECORD more music 

There should be more.  I'll add to the list later.
Happy New Year