Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hey dudes

So for the past two years I've been growing out my hair.  Earlier this year I took a leap and tried going platinum blonde, but I quickly realized that the color was NOT for me but I decided to splash around the blonde pool for a bit since my hair was already damaged.  In the end, I kept the blonde/light brown for about two months until I accidentally dyed my hair BLACK a few days ago. (Long story short, I chose a dark brown color, but since my hair was already so porous from all the bleaching processes, the follicles ate up all the dark pigment instead of just mixing with the color I already had...).
This was the longest my hair was before it started breaking off from all the treatments:

So it was a little past my boob. Tonight I cut it on a whim after I was fed up with my fingers getting caught in all the dryness that was going on and decided to just snip wherever felt raggity.  In the end I cut five inches and now the length is a little past my collar bone which was how long it was last year.  Boohoo--hopefully I learned my lesson and remember to not put my locks through hell again!


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