Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sprained Ankle

Hey Dudes

I started taking Jiu-Jitsu fight training classes (not actually leaning how to fight, just the exercises to prepare for fighting) a month ago and attend for an hour once a week (to add on to my 3-5 times a week of gyming).  The first time I went, the work out was so intense I threw up my breakfast 15 minutes into it! The second time I went, I decided to not eat anything before and just have a gatorade and it worked splendidly--I felt stronger and since i was almost accustomed to what my trainer's methods, I could anticipate how much energy to use up within the hour.

Unfortunately during my training yesterday, I got a little cocky and decided to go HAM on the very last exercise of the session which ended in me landing on my ankle with a loud POP and me falling to the ground.  The sprain isn't bad at all! Probably a level one with mild swelling and bruising

My parents never allowed me to do sports as a child because I was so accident prone, but I'm working on getting better with my coordination in hopes that I'll stop hurting myself while doing minor things!
Currently using crutches and I'm going to try to drive to work tomorrow. Wish me luck! :P



Karina Rheaume said...

Oh dear! I do hope you get well soon, though. I think it’s natural for your parents to worry that much, seeing as how you seem to get accidents all the time. Haha! Wishing you all the best in your Jiu Jitsu lessons! Take care always! :D
Karina Rheaume @ US Healthworks

Derek Sparks said...

As they say -- no pain, no gain! It’s hard to tell exactly how much your body can go, if you don’t exert much effort on your workouts. However, you still have to take things in moderation. While trying out such activities is good for your physical coordination, it can be harmful if it was done in excess. But it looks like you’re good at keeping things in balance. Good job!

Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic